びわ湖ホール声楽アンサンブル/BIWAKO HALL Vocal Ensemble

【Chorus】BIWAKO HALL Vocal Ensemble

Japan’s first vocalist group attached to a public hall is composed of vocalist who have been selected through grueling auditions. Its embers are not only talented soloist, but the ensemble is wildly recognized for its exceptional ability to become the core of any chorus. 
The ensemble was established in March 1998, the same year the BIWAKO HALL was inaugurated, as the center of the Hall’s unique creative activity.
The ensemble mainly performs in BIWAKO HALL production operas and concerts. It holds performances nationwide by request. It also plays an active role in the promotion of music through performance in schools in Shiga prefecture. The ensemble was awarded the 26th Otsu City Cultural Prize in 2013 and the 2017 Shiga Prefectural Cultural Prize.