藤原歌劇団合唱部/Fujiwara Opera Chorus Group

【Chorus】Fujiwara Opera Chorus Group

The Fujiwara Opera Chorus Group is attached to the Fujiwara Opera, the first full scale opera company in Japan (founded in 1934), and has performed in numerous operas during the long history of the company.
Apart from the performances of the Fujiwara Opera, the group has appeared in various concerts such as the Italian Opera Performances invited by NHK (from the 1st to the 8th), NHK New Year Opera Concert,Suntory Hall Anniversary Gala Concert among others. They were invited to the city of Cork, Ireland as part of the EU Japan Fest in November 2005. The group’s first overseas performance was very successful.
Their performances in “Fidelio” with the Wiener Staatsoper and Mozart “Requiem” with José Carreras were highly acclaimed for their well-coordinated singing ability and fine acting ability.