Wagner Die Meistersinger von Nurnberg Opera in 3 Acts / Sung in German with Japanese surtitles

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Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Main Hall
Performance date Tickets Booking Opens Book Tickets
Wednesday 4 August 2021 14:00
S 29,700 yen
A 23,100 yen
B 18,700 yen
C 14,300 yen
D 9,900 yen
E 5,500 yen
F 3,300 yen
U26 3,300 yen

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Saturday 3 April 2021


Saturday 7 August 2021 14:00

* Persons with disabilities: S26,730yen A20,790yen (The prices apply to one companion)

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New National Theatre, Tokyo OPERA PALACE
Performance date Tickets Booking Opens Book Tickets
Thursday 18 November 2021 16:00
S 33,000 yen
A 27,500 yen
B 19,800 yen
C 13,200 yen
D 6,600 yen
Z 1,650 yen (Day Tickets)

Various discounts available

Saturday 4 September 2021


Sunday 21 November 2021 14:00
Wednesday 24 November 2021 14:00
Sunday 28 November 2021 14:00
Wednesday 1 December 2021 14:00
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ONO Kazushi

ONO Kazushi


Jens-Daniel Herzog

Jens-Daniel HERZOG

  • Set Design: Mathis NEIDHARDT
  • Costume Design: Sibylle GADEKE
  • Lighting Design: Fabio ANTOCI
  • Choreography: Ramses SIGL
  • Associate Director: Heiko HENTSCHEL


  • Thomas Johannes MAYER

    Hans Sachs

    Thomas Johannes MAYER
  • Guido JENTJENS

    Veit Pogner

    Guido JENTJENS

    Kunz Vogelgesang

  • KONDO Kei

    Konrad Nachtigall

    KONDO Kei

    (Only Tokyo Bunka Kaikan)


    Konrad Nachtigall


    (Only New National Theatre, Tokyo)

  • Adrian EROD

    Sixtus Beckmesser

    Adrian EROD
  • AOYAMA Takashi

    Fritz Kothner

    AOYAMA Takashi
  • AKITANI Naoyuki

    Balthasar Zorn

    AKITANI Naoyuki

    (Only Tokyo Bunka Kaikan)

  • KANNO Atsushi

    Balthasar Zorn

    KANNO Atsushi

    (Only New National Theatre, Tokyo)

  • SUZUKI Jun

    Ulrich Eisslinger

    SUZUKI Jun
  • ITO Tatsundo

    Augustin Moser

    ITO Tatsundo
  • TOMOKIYO Takashi

    Hermann Ortel

    TOMOKIYO Takashi

    (Only Tokyo Bunka Kaikan)

  • 大沼 徹/ONUMA Toru

    Hermann Ortel

    ONUMA Toru

    (Only New National Theatre, Tokyo)

  • HASEGAWA Akira

    Hans Schwarz

    HASEGAWA Akira
  • TSUMAYA Hidekazu

    Hans Foltz

    TSUMAYA Hidekazu
  • Norbert ERNST

    Walther von Stolzing

    Norbert ERNST

    (Only Tokyo Bunka Kaikan)

  • Tomislav MUŽEK

    Walther von Stolzing

    Tomislav MUŽEK

    (Only New National Theatre, Tokyo)

  • MOCHIZUKI Tetsuya


    MOCHIZUKI Tetsuya
  • HAYASHI Masako


    HAYASHI Masako



    (Only Tokyo Bunka Kaikan)

  • YAMASHITA Makiko


    YAMASHITA Makiko

    (Only New National Theatre, Tokyo)

  • GOTO Kazuma

    Ein Nachtwachter

    GOTO Kazuma

    (Only Tokyo Bunka Kaikan)

  • SHIMURA Fumihiko

    Ein Nachtwachter

    SHIMURA Fumihiko

    (Only New National Theatre, Tokyo)

Chorus:New National Theatre Chorus, Nikikai Chorus Group

Orchestra:Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra


Act I
Afternoon mass at Saint Catherine’s church. The knight Walther falls in love at first sight with Eva, the daughter of goldsmith Pogner. Walther finds out that the winner of the Mestersinger contest on the following day, will win Eva’s hand in marriage. He learns the rules of song composing from David, the cobbler apprentice. During the preliminary trial, the town clerk Bechmesser, who want to marry Eva, gives Walther a failing mark, but the cobbler Sachs praises Walther’s free spirit and talent.
Act Ⅱ
That evening in front of Sachs’ house. Bechmesser appears and serenades Eva. David mistakenly thinks it is his sweetheart who is being serenaded and punches Bechmesser, causing a riot that involves the whole town.
Act Ⅲ
Following morning at Sachs’ house. Walther and Sachs composes a song for the contest. Beckmesser appears and finds the draft of Walther’s song. Sachs gives the draft to Beckmesser. Beside the Pegnitz River, the site of the singing contest, Beckmesser sings a song based on the draft he found, but he gets laughed at. He accuses Sachs of tricking him, but Sachs announces that the song is Walther’s. When Walther sings his song, everybody is moved. Walther wins Eva’s hand in marriage, but declines the title of Meistersinger. Sachs persuades him to accept the title. The opera ends with a chorus lauding the arts of Germany.
  • General Producer: 
    ONO Kazushi
  • Produced by: 
    Tokyo Bunka Kaikan/New National Theatre, Tokyo/Salzburg Easter Festival/Semperoper Dresden
  • Presented by: 

    [Performances at Tokyo Bunka Kaikan] Tokyo Metropolitan Government /Tokyo Bunka Kaikan operated by Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture

    [Performances at New National Theatre, Tokyo] New National Theatre Foundation

  • Co-presented by: 
    [Performances at Tokyo Bunka Kaikan] Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra
  • Collaborated by: 
    Tokyo Nikikai Opera Foundation